Man Claims COVID-19 Infection Made His Penis Shrink 1.5 Inches

A man in his thirties has claimed that contracting COVID-19 made him lose 1.5 inches off the length of his penis. The anonymous sufferer wrote into the How To Do It podcast this week to share his woes, saying that battling the illness left him with some unexpected and seriously undesirable side effects.

The man was pretty ill with the virus. Referring to himself only as “coming up short,” the man shared that he’s a “heterosexual male in [his] thirties” who got very sick with COVID-19 and was even hospitalized for the condition. “In July of last year, I contracted COVID and was very sick. When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction issues,” he revealed.

His erectile dysfunction was eventually solved, but that wasn’t the last of his problems. The man, who previously claimed that he was “above average” when it came to the size of his package, solved the ED issues but size is now a problem. “[The erectile dysfunction] gradually got better with some medical attention, but I seemed to be left with a lasting problem,” he shared. “Before I got sick [my penis] was above average. Not huge, but definitely bigger than normal. Now I’ve lost about an inch and a half and become decidedly less than average.”

Why would something like this happen? The man went on to say that a medical professional claimed his shrinking genitals came down to vascular damage from the virus. Worse yet, it’s not something that will likely ever repair itself and he’ll be stuck with his new size forever.

He knows it shouldn’t matter but it does. “It shouldn’t really matter,” he wrote. “But it has had a profound impact on my self-confidence and my abilities in bed. I know you can’t give me back my missing length and girth, but I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what to do now.” That sucks!

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