Photographer Captures The Amazing Moment A Squirrel Stops To Smell A Flower

A Dutch photographer has managed to capture the exact moment a ground squirrel stopped to smell a flower, quickly going viral online for the amazing picture he took. D*ck Van Duijn, who lives in The Netherlands, traveled all the way to Austria and took more than 200 photos in total to get the magical moment on film. 

Van Duijn was spoiled for choice when it came to ground squirrels. The 34-year-old told Insider that he went to Vienna, Austria specifically to take photos of ground squirrels, and there were plenty of them around. However, it’s not so easy to capture such a perfect moment. “There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was hard not to photograph them,” he said. “To capture one with a flower like this took a lot of patience and shots.”

There were a few amazing shots. Van Duijn got a photo of the squirrel gripping the daisy to its chest and inhaling and he knew something incredible was about to happen. “The moment the squirrel smelled the flower and planted his face in the flower, I knew this was the picture of a lifetime!” Van Duijn said.

It was a great moment for Van Duijn as a photographer. When you take pictures of nature for a living, you dream of capturing special moments like this and they don’t happen often. “I felt really happy and satisfied with the shot,” he admitted.

He believes people love his photos because we don’t spend enough time with nature. “I think people don’t spend enough time in nature because of the lifestyle we have developed in the west,” he explained. “When people are reminded about how beautiful and cute nature can be, they’ll feel better about themselves and the world around them.”

Let this be a reminder for us all to get outside more. Photos like these are incredible and while we may not personally be privy to this exact situation, there’s so much outside that we CAN see and be awed by. “Nature is endless, so the subjects for my pictures are endless as well,” Van Duijn said. “You can never finish photographing all that there is to see. That provides me with inspiration for a lifetime.”

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