Why I Plan On Buying My Daughter Her First Sex Toy

I wasn’t ever able to be vulnerable with my mother and talk openly with her about important topics, especially in regards to my sexuality. I want to have a better relationship with my own daughter, which is why I plan on buying her first sex toy.

It will give us transparency. 

Sex can be a touchy subject between parents and children but it really shouldn’t be. I believe that total transparency about the birds and the bees will make me a better mother and her a stronger young woman. I can have more informed conversations if I know the whole truth about what’s going on. I won’t spend half as much time sifting through lies as I will explaining to her what’s what when it comes to sex.

It will give her sexual freedom

Sexual freedom is a must in my book, and I want my daughter to feel the same way. I don’t ever want her to feel like she has to compromise when it comes to pleasure, whether it be with herself or with a partner. I want her to understand how important it is to be free with her sexuality. Otherwise, she’ll have all this pent-up sexual energy like the rest of us horny millennials.

It will teach her about her body. 

There was so much I didn’t know about myself, including my sexual preferences. It took me years and quite a few partners to figure it all out. I settled for so much bad sex in the quest to discover what I liked and how I liked it. I don’t ever want my daughter to have to deal with that. Of course, she’ll have the awkward stage where she’s not really sure about if she likes what she thinks she does, but she won’t be going in blind.

It will make her sex life with herself and her partners better. 

If you haven’t experienced the joys of using sex toys during your adventures, you’re certainly missing out. Sex toys not only enhance your sexual experiences with yourself but with others as well. We’re only human and can only do so many things at once. Toys kind of pick up the slack and make sex that much more enjoyable for both parties. I want my daughter to have that option and I’m happy to be the one to let her know it is one.

It will help her be able to trust me. 

I know this one seems like a reach, and it may very well be, but I think that by giving her the first toy she’ll own, she’ll trust me to help her make those critical decisions. Is the time right with her guy? Should she ask her partner to try this or that on her? These conversations might seem weird at first, but I have loads more experience than she does. If she has that rapport with me, she’ll trust me and know she can confide in me so that I can help her on the path to sexual enlightenment.

It will give her confidence. 

When I started finding myself sexually, I walked differently, I talked differently and was much more self-assured. I want her to have the same confidence because she deserves that. When you have that aura around you, people can tell. If I can have anything to do with making sure she walks and talks with that same confidence, I’ll do whatever it takes.

It will give me peace of mind. 

We all know that whipping out our vibrator can save us a great deal of stress. It keeps us from calling guys who don’t deserve to be with and stops us from going out and finding a random hookup. Toys allow us to be safe within the confines of our comfy beds, getting the job done right. As a mother, I’d rather her be playing alone than with all the boys on the playground.

It will make her more formidable. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. To be formidable means you know what you want and you know how to ask for it. Unfortunately, we live in a world where women are seen as small and mousy. A woman with a voice strong enough to be a powerhouse isn’t seen as often as we’d like. I think along with that confidence and that freedom comes that dominant voice.

I do parenting differently. 

We hear all the time that millennials are raising the worst kids because they’re the worst kids, blah, blah blah. At the end of the day, I’m my daughter’s mother and I’ll raise her how I please. If I want to take her to a sex store and pick out her first toy with her, that’s my prerogative. You can’t be any more to your kids than a rock of stability when they need it most. You can’t plan out their life for them, you just have to give them the tools for success—or in this case, the toys for success.

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